17 Pregnancy Announcement Shirts for New Moms and Dads

Planning to let your friends and family know you have a little one brewing in there without necessarily doing a lot of talking? Pregnancy announcement shirts are your best option – they’re realistic and can get the job done in the most subtle ways while being conveniently kind to your wallet.

The Best Pregnancy Announcement Shirts for 2023

For your big reveal, you can’t go wrong with a comfy, stylish, and funny pregnancy announcement shirt. Fortunately, the market is jampacked with plenty of fantastic options. Here’s a round-up of the best pregnancy announcement shirts for moms and dads!

1. Mama in the Making

This chic crewneck tee could be all you need to announce your pregnancy with some style. Its soft cotton blend fabric guarantees all-day comfort. And it looks ideal for pairing with pretty much anything in your pregnancy wardrobe, including your favorite maternity jeans or stretch skirt.


2. Preggers

Check out this simple yet stylish pregnancy announcement shirt for moms-to-be. One of its main allures is its quality cotton fabric. You’re not paying for it just to let your loved ones in on your big secret – you’re assured of longevity, too, as it’s designed to survive multiple washes.


3. Don’t Eat Pumpkin Seeds

Celebrate Halloween in this fancy t-shirt with the words “DON’T EAT pumpkin SEEDS” embroidered on its front side. It adds some humor to the whole pregnancy reveal a thing. And if you’re not showing yet, not everyone will get the hint, so you’ll get points for pulling a surprise on them.


4. Baby Daddy

As the daddy-to-be, you probably don’t want to feel left out of the pregnancy announcement. Well, here’s the perfect shirt to wear to scream, “I’m going to be a dad,” and show your partner you’ve got her back. Its fantastic features include a classy design, comfort, and easy maintenance.


5. Little Pumpkin on the Way

‘Pumpkin’ now ranks among the most popular terms of endearment. And this cute pregnancy announcement shirt is perfect for letting the world know your “pumpkin” is coming. What’s even more convenient is that it’s long enough to prevent you from showing too much skin.


6. Promoted to Big Sister

Telling your child that a sibling is on the way is a sensitive topic because you don’t want them to feel replaceable. So, how about gifting them with this adorable tee to inform them they’re getting a big promotion with new exciting responsibilities? They might even jump at the prospects.


7. I’m Stuffed

Here’s your chance to showcase your great sense of humor during your pregnancy reveal on Thanksgiving. This fashionable shirt is comfy, and most buyers are quite impressed. “Hey, this clever Thanksgiving themed pregnancy t-shirt will leave you the star of your mediocre family get-together…” An Amazon customer wrote.


8. Expecting Patronum

If you’re from the Harry Potter era, this cozy pregnancy announcement shirt is a must-have to reveal you’re expecting a tiny human. You have four dazzling shades to choose from: purple, red, gray, blue, and pink. Its stretchy material is a nice touch.


9. Coming Soon

Check out this other fitting shirt you can get to share your life-changing news. From its soft, breathable cotton-poly fabric to its availability in multiple colors and sizes, it’s everything you could ever ask for. “Perfect shirt! Great quality, fits as expected! My niece loves it!” An Amazon reviewer reveals.


10. Only Child to Big Sister

This trendy pregnancy announcement shirt is hands down the winner when you’re hunting for a piece to break the big news to your only child. It comes in many sizes, so finding a fit for your little one should be easy regardless of age.


11. Thankful. Grateful. Expecting

Commemorate Thanksgiving in style! This shirt helps you express your overwhelming gratitude for the privilege of being a to-be mom and get the point across in the simplest way. It’s quality, stylish, and machine-washable, so maintenance should be a piece of cake.


12. Touchdown Football

Get this cool pregnancy announcement shirt if you’re a to-be dad dying to let the whole world in on your secret and be a little naughty while at it. What’s more, there’s a female fit to allow you to match with your lady.


13. Eating Tacos for Two

Pretty much everyone around you will notice when your appetite spikes up during that first trimester. Let them know what’s up with this modish tee available in 17 colors. The designs also vary; there are crewnecks and V-necks options to satiate everyone’s preferences.


14. I Miss Wine

With a cool design and a skin-friendly cotton fabric that doesn’t shrink, this piece makes a great pregnancy announcement shirt. The “I miss wine” graphic is perfect. You can’t enjoy your favorite wine for a while, and telling everyone you crave it may make the long wait bearable.


15. Big Sister

Soon-to-be elder sister might love seeing her new title screen-printed on this chic tee that comes in a broad range of kid-friendly colors. If you’re planning a pregnancy reveal photoshoot for the family, make sure ‘big sister’ slips on this one.


16. Promoted to Auntie

There’s a whole raft of shirts you can get to gift the aunt-to-be to announce your pregnancy, but this one takes the cake. It’s pretty cozy, thanks to its super soft cotton/poly/spandex fabric, which also renders it durable. And with its impressive versatility, she can wear it to countless places.


17. This Guy Is Going to Be a Grandpa 

Thumbs up! Grandpa has given his approval, and this cool shirt tells it all. If he fancies short-sleeved crewnecks, he’ll undoubtedly get the bang out of it. It also comes in female and youth fits, so consider getting a piece for everyone to make your pregnancy reveal a family affair.


Pregnancy Announcement Shirts: Conclusion

There! Now you know where to look when scouring the market for the best pregnancy announcement shirts to share the fantastic news. Whether you plan to do it on holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving or while enjoying a casual dinner with family, these options will help you cut to the chase and nail the job.

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