35 Popular Toys that Start with A

Kids of all ages enjoy playing with toys. If you take your child into a toy store, you’ll realize that they want to pick every toy they see. While many parents think that toys are just playthings, many studies have shown that providing the right toys helps your kids to develop some basic skills that will benefit them in the rest of their lives.

At Mom’s Voice Pro, we have a series of toys based on alphabetical letters, and for this article, we’d like to share a list of kid’s toys that start with A. There are so many toys you’ll find in the stores that start with letter A, but this article categorizes the toys based on age.

Toys that Start with Letter “A”

1. Activity Gym

With this toy, you can stimulate your baby’s senses as well as encourage tammy time. Activity gym comes with bright colors and musical toy gym that act as a source of entertainment.

2. Alphabet Blocks

If you want to help your baby become familiar with letters of alphabet, develop their problem-solving abilities and cognitive skills, alphabet blocks are a perfect choice.

3. Art Cards

You can use art cards to stimulate your baby’s visual development. The cards are designed with repeated patterns that can captivate your baby’s attention for hours while stimulating their brain.

4. Aqua Mats

Aqua mats are designed to help newborns develop solid head, neck and shoulder muscles. Other benefits associated with the use of aqua mats include: enhance of eye-hand coordination, fine motor development and social skills.

5. Animals

Animal figures promotes creativity, vivid imagination and pretend-play skills. Besides helping babies develop these basic skills, these toys come with cool talking sounds that can excite any baby.

6. Activity Cube

Activity cube for babies contains shape sorter, beads, musical drum, peekaboo animals, vault door, and sun & moon. It helps your baby develop hand-eye coordination, cognitive learning and sensory skills.

7. Attachable Teething Toys

The primary benefit of attachable teething toys is to act as a teething pain reliever. They are also used for gum stimulation and teeth growth. If you are a new mom, you must add this amazing toy in your list of baby essentials.

8. Activity Walker

If you want something for your baby to push, activity walker is the best choice. With this toy, your baby can develop coordination and leg strength. Many activity walkers are designed to assist young babies to exercise while promoting hand-eye coordination and sense of rhythm.

9. Apple-shaped Teether

Apple-shaped Teether can assist your baby sooth teething gums while promoting healthy oral development. Teethers are made from natural rubber, making them suitable for massaging your baby’s gums.

10. Animal Mobile for Crib

This letter A toy stimulates visual and auditory development of newborns. Animal mobile for crib come with soothing music to help the baby fall asleep while promoting brain development sense of rhythm.

11. Astronaut Costume

Astronaut Costume is designed for kids ages3-6 years. With this costume, your child can have a free screen fun by pretending to be an astronaut.

12. Ant Farm kit

Ant Farm kit is a perfect choice for kids above 6 years. The toy is designed to help children discover the behavior and anatomy of ants.

13. Alligator

This remote-control giant crocodile is great for pranks. Since it looks real, moves like a real crocodile, and makes a roaring sound, it’s a perfect choice if you want to familiarize your kids with aquatic life.

14. Abacus

Abacus offers math activity to kids 3 to 5 years. It comes with 100 beads with five different colors, making it easier for kids to count. Abacus promotes your kid’s counting and logical thinking abilities.

15. Angel Doll

This is an excellent toy for infants, toddlers and school-aged children. Angel doll promotes empathy and instill a sense of belonging among young kids. When your kid starts to play with angel doll, they start to develop a sense of love, care, and protection.

16. Ambulance Toy Car

Ambulance toy car comes with numerous features, making kids to play with it for hours. It has four lights and buttons for siren, start, honk, reverse etc. Playing with this toy promotes your child’s development of hand-eye coordination, sensory reception and motor skills.

17. Avenger Vehicle

Avenger vehicle is designed for children ages 2 to 6 years. With monster wheels and metal parts, this vehicle can navigate through tough terrains. Kids playing with this kind of toy develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills and logical thinking.

18. Airbus Airplane

Every kid around the world enjoys playing with airplane toy, and this A380 model plane is a great option for parents with boys ages 3+ years. The plane has colorful lights, jet engine sound and smart motion sensor, enabling it to gain your child’s attention for hours.

19. Alpaca Doll Toys

Alpaca is great for kids over 3 years. It’s made from non-toxic materials and does not cause allergies. Children playing with alpaca develop a sense of belonging and love. You can use this toy to decorate your kid’s bedroom.

20. Alphabet Train

Alphabet train can assist preschool children learn simple words. Other benefits kids can get by playing with this kind of toy include: development of basic skills like hand-eye coordination, letter recognition and sensory reception.

21. Automatic Bubble Blower

This is one of the best outdoor toys for toddlers. Kids can use it during wedding, birthday, parties, and more. If your little one enjoys playing with bubbles, you should consider this amazing bubble blower.

22. Arctic Animals Figurines

These figurines set contains popular animals that lives in arctic and sub-arctic regions of the world. Some of the animals in this set include: penguin, arctic fox, Antarctic seal, whale, etc. it’s recommended for children over 3 years.

23. Armadillo Figurine

This figurine can act as an educational tool for school-aged kids. With this figurine, kids are able to learn the unique characteristics and behaviors of this armored mammal.

24. Ant Life Cycle Model Toy

This model toy is designed for educational purpose and it’s great for teens. Kids can see the life cycle of an ant—from egg to larva, pupa and adult ant. Ant life cycle model promotes your kid’s development of science and presentation skills.

25. Antelopes Figure

Antelope’s figure is a great way for exposing your kids to wildlife. This animal figure toy contains sable antelope, Tauro tragus oryx, Gray great kudu and red great kudu. Kids playing with this kind of toy learn the unique characteristics of antelopes.

26. Anteater Toy Figurine

The anteater is designed to promote imaginative play among children. This letter A toy is perfect choice if you want to introduce your kid to wild animals.

27. Aardvark Toy Figurine

If you want your kid to feel like they have once in their lifetime travel to African savanna, you must have this toy figurine at your home. Not only this toy introduces kids to the African wildlife but it looks so real that ants in your kitchen run away once they see it.

28. Alien Stuffed Animal

Alien can spark your child’s imagination. By playing with this toy, your kid’s imaginations will be taken to the space and back. And because it is designed with unique features such as big slanted eyes, it can attract your child’s attention for hours.

29. Almond Island

Great tool to promote child development. It enhances your kid’s hand-eye coordination, motor skills, arm movement, and sensory reception. Not only assisting kids to develop basic skills but also keep them busy for hours.

30. Avocado

Avocado is both a toy and a learning tool. Playing with Avocado toy enable kids to build new skills such as color identification and matching skills. If you want your kid to master teamwork, add this toy into your back-to-school list for your little ones.

31. Anaconda

The green anaconda is recommended for kids over 3 years. It helps kids understand the unique characteristics of snakes while enhancing motor skills and sensory reception. It can be used by kids during activities like pranks, parties, and outdoor.

32. Arctic Wolf

Introduce your kid into the artic wildlife. Arctic wolf is a great teaching aid for teachers who want to assist kids learn about arctic animals. Playing games with this toy help kids to develop their imagination while enjoy their family time.

33. Aye-Aye

If your child loves unique creatures, Aye-Aye is the right gift for them. The toy is recommended for kids 3+ years. Playing with this toy enable your kid to understand there are numerous creatures with unique characteristics in the world.

34. Anglerfish

Anglerfish comes with realistic features which makes it look just like a real fish. This makes it a perfect choice for parents looking for ways to introduce their little ones to aquatic life. It’s great for promoting motor skills, imaginative play and sensory skills.

35. AK-47 Machine Gun Riffle

It’s recommended for ages 3 and up. Designed with unique features such as light and sound, forcing kids to spend countless hours playing with it. Playing with AK-47 machine gun riffle comes with a list of benefits: improves child’s self-esteem, develops kid’s motor skills and imagination.

Toys that Start with A: The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing the right toys for your little one, you may either consider two aspects: educational tools and entertainment. Each toy promotes a different skill but allowing your kids to play games with various toys yields better results in terms of developmental milestones.

If you have more ideas on toys that start with A, please share with us. We’d like to update this list and add more letter A toys in future.

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