The Best Breastfeeding Necklaces that Every New Mom Should Try

You’re breastfeeding your baby, and your baby is getting distracted. Besides this, hurting you and pinches your skin. A breastfeeding necklace could be just the thing that you need. You don’t have to give up your sense just because you’re a new mom.

If you have breastfed a baby before, then you know it’s not a walk in the park every day. At three months of age, babies’ vision improves, and they can see clearly. Unexpectedly, everything else seems to be more interesting than eating, where the nursing necklace comes in.

What is a Breastfeeding Necklace?

A breastfeeding necklace is designed and won to give your baby something to twiddle with while breastfeeding. A well-made necklace attracts their attention and allows them to play while they feed, thus resulting in a more relaxing time for both child and mother.

There will be no moving in all different directions and pulling of the breast as they feed. Breastfeeding necklaces are made from non-toxic beads and components interestingly strong enough to be removed and yanked.

Benefits of Using Breastfeeding Necklace

Grabbing and pulling the necklace is fantastic—it helps the baby develop a pincer grasp, thus gaining control of his fingers. It gives the baby something to do by playing with it.

Wearing a breastfeeding necklace not only assists the mom but also stimulates your baby’s attention. Each time your baby reaches out and touches your chain, it moves. What seems essential to you is an attractive situation for your child.

They explore the necklace beads, providing something pretty and fun to grab without hurting mommy. In most cases, babies hold shiny objects and put them in their mouths. With verified non-toxic, you’ll not have to worry. They are made with the baby in mind.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Regular Nursing Necklace?

Many nursing moms wear ad necklaces; once they break, it can be unsafe. Well, below are two simple reasons.

The regular necklace can become severe strangulation and choking hazard: As you know, the breastfeeding necklaces are colorful and playful in design. They can be confused with toys. When pulled can break easily. Thus the baby could put it in their mouth.

A regular necklace can become toxic: You may never know its material. It may contain something potentially dangerous to children. Jewelry carries a risk of contaminants unless you’re sure of 100% of the composition for every piece.

Top-Rated Necklace for Babies to Play with While Nursing

As you’re getting into a breastfeeding groove? Breastfeeding your newborn is a bit easier in the first couple of months since they feed and sleep. It’s essential to understand that babies get distracted during feeding.

Most likely, an older sibling is playing around the room, and the child wants to look at them.  No matter what makes your baby get distracted, you will suffer. But do not worry, one of the below top-rated necklaces will get you sorted out

1. Sensory Chew Necklace

Sensory chew necklace makes great breastfeeding necklace as they will serve the purpose for many years to come. They’re excellent breastfeeding fiddle necklace options made. Its pendant is made from 100% food-grade silicone. Each pendant is large enough to hold and pull while breastfeeding.

Maybe you’re a mom of an oral sensory-seeking baby. You know a bite can happen in a flash, or every object on the floor could end up in the mouth. If you’re wondering what to do, a sensory chew necklace could be what you need. They give the baby something they can chew and bite. Are you looking for a cheaper option? It is your perfect selection.

2. Silicone Bead Necklace 

Silicone bead necklaces are attractive and made of the highest secure silicon beads, thus making each bead resistant to tarnishing, fading, and breakage. They only reveal their material by touch. Silicon bead necklaces make the perfect nursing necklace, facilitating quality motherhood relief.

They’re the real deal! Truly fun and fashionable, you can accessorize your child with peace of mind. Safe for baby to gnaw and play with while won by mom. If you’re looking for the best nursing necklace, look no further.

3. The Blaine Silicone Teething Necklace

The Blaine silicone teething is a super, easy-to-wear modern styled and chewable handmade necklace, a perfect non-toxic and simple elegant piece, thus drops about 15″ from closed clasp to bottom of the necklace fits perfectly in your baby’s hand. An easy-to-clean chain with warm soapy water.

4. Shark Tooth Chew Necklace

The Shark tooth chew necklace is for children with anxiety, sensory disorders, and oral needs, such as biting and chewing. It’s a piece of fashionable chewable jewelry providing a convenient sensory outlet. They are mainly designed to be gender-neutral, with fun designs to serve the purpose.

The chew necklace helps your baby to calm down. It has an adjustable string and breakaway clasp, making it safe for most kids. The Shark tooth chew necklace is a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is easy to grasp. Besides, they are designed to stimulate visual and sensory development.

5. Rainbow Mum Necklace

A rainbow mum necklace is chunky and has an eye-catching design. Its beads are made from high-quality food-grade, hygienic, and resistant to bacteria. This necklace features a variety of different-sized beads and is approximately 28″ in length. You can adjust the height by adjusting the note on the clasp.

The rainbow mum necklace has been safety tested in a lab, thus ensuring compliance with general product safety guidelines. Add happiness to your day with this bright rainbow mum necklace. Best for keeping your baby engage.

6. Terrazzo and Blue Modern Mama Silicon Necklace

Terrazo blue modern mama features a fun terrazzo print with wood and icy blue beads. This breastfeeding necklace is designed to keep your baby’s hands busy. They are the best for modern, stylish moms. Terrazo and blue modern make pretty fantastic new moms’ gifts.

Perfect gift for active babies, thus keeping your child’s hands occupied during feedings. Its various shapes, color, and texture help stimulate your child’s senses, staying modern and fashionable. The stylish beads are 100% non-toxic, made of natural and untreated wood, and easily cleaned with warm water.

7. Forest Green and Speckled Pendant Modern Mama Silicone

Forest green, and the speckled pendant is a handmade necklace with a length of 17.5″. Made of Bronze and Gold filled, Gemstones, pearls, and shells. The color of the beads makes it so unique. It is one of the most favorite breastfeeding necklaces.

Modern breastfeeding necklaces are quite pretty, with different varieties of what you can purchase. You can combine it with anything in your regular wardrobe. Besides this, it’s a top-rated necklace you should check out when your kid likes to get distracted.

8. Teething feather necklace

Are you looking for natural breastfeeding remedy that works? The teething feature necklace is a special design for your baby. The perfect breastfeeding necklace you can wear every day to soothe your baby. The teething feather necklace is made of food-grade silicone.

It comes in a variety of different colors. Thus you can choose the color that works perfectly for you. A teething feather necklace is a multifunctional necklace for your baby’s breastfeeding accessory, great to play with.

9. Navy Modern Mama Silicone Necklace

Navy modern mama is a handmade necklace, one of the most popular styles. Ideal and baby-proof, the best combination.  The Navy modern mama is your choice to ensure safety and peace of mind. Its various shapes, color, and texture stimulate your child’s senses.

Navy modern mama is made from 100% non-toxic food-grade silicone. They feature safety breakaway clasps, easily cleaned with warm water and mild soap.

10. Golden Core – Breastfeeding necklace

The golden core-breastfeeding necklace comprises exclusive features and an eye-catching design. You can make your breastfeeding journey memorable. This necklace is leading in the market for breastfeeding and stylish. Its pearl pendant makes it look perfect.

Nursing Necklace DIY

You need something to engage your baby. You can DIY your own necklace. It’s simple and relatively budget-friendly, and totally friendly. A nursing necklace will definitely help you, reducing any distractions while nursing. Never leave your baby unattended with nursing necklaces.

This DIY nursing necklaces contain small parts, and the crafter assumes full responsibility for ensuring you use them safely. DIY nursing necklaces are entirely at the crafter’s own risk; contact providers shall not be liable in any way for consequential damage arising out of the use of DIY nursing necklaces.

Final Thoughts

A breastfeeding necklace is great for new moms and their babies. There is no exclusive way to use this necklace. Thus it makes sense to have the best breastfeeding necklace for your baby.  That’s why they are considerable necklaces for your baby.

Whichever necklace you choose from the above list, you’ll find the best option. Breastfeeding necklaces are essential. Thus, It’s a worthy investment for your nursing journey. Above all, breastfeeding necklaces are a genius invention, and you can use them for teething problems as well.

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