25 Toys that Start with B (Ideas for Teachers and Parents)

Hey and welcome again to our second series of the letters of the alphabet. And in this series, we are going to share a comprehensive list of toys that start with B.

If you are a teacher looking for toys that start with B for teaching letter sounds to preschoolers, or you’re a parent of a preschooler looking for your kid’s toys that start with B for school show and tell, here’s a list of items to help you get started.

Popular Toys that Start with Letter B

1. Baby

It’s one of the best toys that start with B every kid must have. Since it looks like a real baby, this toy is ideal for children to hug and love. Playing with baby doll teaches children nurturing skills such as cuddling, hugging, and holding.

2. Balls

The first toy many parents buy for their little ones is a ball. Whether it’s a football, basketball or tennis ball, introducing your children to sports is a great way to have endless hours of fun with the whole family.

3. Batman

Batman makes a great toy for kids who are BATMAN fans. Its unique features such as light, sound and scallops can quickly attract children’s attention, making them spend hours playing with it.

4. Bat Wings

If you want active kids, bat wings are the perfect solution. The wings are lightweight, which means kids can walk and run around without getting tired. Also, teachers can use the wings to supercharge kids’ imagination and creativity.

5. Barbie

Parents with kids who love fashion and travel should add Barbie to their list of kid’s essentials. Barbie promotes your kid’s creativity, imagination and sensory reception.

6. Bear

Woodland bear animal figurine makes a great toy for educational purposes, creative play and room decoration. Playing games with this toy improves your kid’s creativity, imagination, and concentration.

7. Bead Maze

Bead maze can be used as a parent-child game, increasing the opportunity for parent-child interaction. When it is used properly, this toy can enhance your kid’s manipulative ability, improve creativity and cognition.

8. Broom

This children cleaning set encourages screen-free play. The set comes with a pretend play broom, mop, duster, dustpan, brush and a stand. It’s designed to promote child’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and a sense of responsibility.

9. Blocks

These wooden blocks are colorful and lightweight, and kids can play with them for long hours without getting tired. They promote your child’s knowledge of colors, shapes, and sorting.

10. Bubble guns

You can get this set for your child, grandson, or niece who’s obsessed with bubbles. While many think bubble guns are used just for fun, they have numerous benefits for your kids. They enhance child’s motor skills, imagination, and creativity.

11. Bike

Bike is more than just a toy. It makes a powerful tool for assisting your child to develop balance and walking skills. This bike is lightweight and easily transportable, making it an ideal gift for kids on special occasions like birthdays.

12. Banjo

This toy makes a great tool for preschool music lessons. Parents can also use banjo to help their children become musicians or guitarists. If you want your kids to have fun while developing early music skills, don’t forget to buy a banjo once you get into the toy store.

13. Bean Bags

While bean bags are designed for preschool play, they can also be used by parents at home to promote their kid’s motor skills such as catching, tossing and picking. You can also use bean bags to teach kids math concepts such as shapes and colors.

14. Bow and Arrow

Bow and arrow set make a great toy for both fun and educational purpose. Oftentimes, children enjoy playing games with bow and arrow during camping. Skills that kids acquire when playing with it include accuracy, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

15. Butterflies

The butterflies action figures are an ideal gift for kids who love butterflies and can’t stop talking about their colors. As a preschool teacher, you can encourage children to classify them by color, pattern or form.

16. Boat

These bath boats are a perfect way to make your kid’s bath time more fun. They are lightweight, colorful, durable and the perfect size for little hands. As such, they help kids to learn about colors while enhancing their fine motor skills and imagination.

17. Beetle

The beetle figure models come with 10 pieces of bugs in 2 different sizes. They are made of durable, non-toxic material and professionally painted, making them look like real ones. Therefore, you can use them to teach preschoolers about insects and nature.

18. Bee to Hive Matching Game

This matching game is a powerful tool for teaching kids about color recognition, counting, and basic math concepts. It can also be used at home as a parent-child game, boosting the interaction between the parent and the child.

19. Bug

Bug contains a set of 12 insects, including a ladybug, beetle, spider, and more. The insects are lifelike, professionally painted with colors that never fade. When used in classrooms, they are able to impart knowledge of insects to your little ones.

20. Bird

The robin is the favorite bird for many kids. You can use it in your preschool classroom where kids will listen to the bird’s song and play with it. Since it’s lifelike, you can use it to promote your child’s imagination, caring skills, and cuddling.

21. Bulldozer

The best thing about bulldozer is that it does not have sharp edges that hurt your child. It’s realistic moving apart and its appearance grabs your kid’s attention, making spend hours playing with the truck. It promotes basic skills such as hand-eye coordination, cognitive ability and motor skills.

22.  Baboon

Mambo the Mandrill makes an ideal gift for kids who love primates. This plush stuffed animal comes with its own story and weighs approximately 0.95 pounds, making it perfect for ages 3 and up.

23. Binoculars

This is one of the popular toys that every kid enjoys playing with. Before planning to take your kids to parks, beaches or anywhere, make sure you get these binoculars. They are designed to teach about exploration, science and discovery.

24. Banana

The banana plush is cute, soft, and comfortable. You can gift your kid this toy during special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, or themed-parties. Banana plush helps kids to develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and color recognition.

25. Bounce House

There’s no better way to encourage screen-free play than getting a bounce house for your kids. It can accommodate multiple children so long as their maximum weight is 250 pounds. Bounce House not only helps kids to have more fun but promotes their motor skill coordination, too.

Toys that Start with B: The Bottom Line

There are plenty of toys that start with B, and the above list is just the tip of the iceberg. If you get stuck when looking for letter “B” toys, think of things that kids use or see daily such as movie characters, animals, books, and more.

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