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Tinder Feet Pics Review: How to Sell Feet Pictures on Tinder

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In the era of digital technology, there are plenty of ways to make extra money online during your spare time. And selling feet pictures online is one of them. You can sell your feet pics on Tinder and make $200 fast. It is a simple way to make money without putting in more effort. All that you need to excel at Tinder is a little bit of photo shooting skills and attractive feet. Do you want to become a tinder feet seller and make extra dollars in your spare moment?

What is Tinder?

Tinder is a dating application that matches you with other single people that you might be interested in. Founded in 2012, it introduced the concept of swiping to match with a partner. If you see a person with similar interests, you swipe right and left if you don’t like them.

It revolutionized the online dating scene by making it less cumbersome by eliminating the many questionnaires one is required to fill on other dating sites. To become a tinder user, you need to fill out a basic profile, which includes information such as your name, age, work, and upload a few pictures.

Tinder uses an algorithm to match its users. It connects you with other users who are active as you and also with those you share similar interests. With the help of their AI, Tinder helps you to identify the photo they think would stand out. 

This platform gives you alerts about people within a certain age range and those who you share the same location. If you like a person and you swipe right on their profile, and they also swipe right, it’s a match. This means you can begin chatting with them or doing video calls.   

Who Buys Tinder Feet Pics?

The market for people who buy feet pics is huge, and you should be wary of scammers. The following groups purchase feet pics on Tinder:

1. Feet Lovers 

This group has a huge audience. Many people love feet pics but can’t admit it openly. Some have a fetish for attractive feet and they are willing to pay a lot to purchase beautiful feet pics. You must display feet pics appealing to the eyes to get such clients. 

2. Modeling Companies

To stay on top of the game, modeling agencies also look for models with attractive feet. They scout for beautiful feet to model for brands. Most brands that buy tinder feet pics are the ones dealing with shoes, jewelry, nail polish, beauty cosmetics, and salons.

3. Stock Photo Websites

With the growing demand for feet pics, stock photo websites are on the lookout. They buy good-looking feet pictures intending to sell them on their websites. These websites do pay well as most have ready clients. 

4. Artists

Artists across the globe, such as painters and sculptors, use feet pics as their reference point. They scout for feet pics from platforms such as Tinder. They look around to find the pics that meet their preference in creativity and use it for motivation.

5. Publishers 

Newsagents, publishers, and blog writers buy feet pics to illustrate the stories they are working on. They scout around platforms such as Tinder to find the right fit for them. They buy feet pics to use on blogs, news, websites, magazines, and newspapers.  

How to Become a Tinder Feet Seller

Tinder allows users to display Ads on their platform. The great thing about tinder is the vast number of users who can be your target audience. Create your account and post a few feet pics. To post an ad on Tinder, you’ll either use Google or Facebook. The prices are not fixed and depend on how competitive the ad auction is and the demographic. 

Through Facebook, you create an ad using the Facebook Ads manager. Choose your campaign objective and select your placement. Under placements, choose the manual option and select Audience Networks. After filling in the rest of the fields, you’ll send your ad for review. If it is accepted, it will run on Tinder.

When using Google, go to the Google Ads Webpage, confirm your payment, and submit after inputting a valid payment option. Create a new campaign and set your goal and type. You will then create a target audience and add a budget. In the placement option, select Tinder, and after finalizing the creativity part, your ad will be ready to be uploaded. 

As a seller, you should know what your target audience requires and what will make them come to buy your feet pics repeatedly. The pictures you display should be attractive. Since tinder users swipe quickly through the advertisements, your photo should be pleasing to make them stop swiping. 

Strive to be original. Since many sellers compete for the same market, you should strive to attract clients. Make your adverts simple. Simplicity encourages people to interact with you as the seller. To remain safe, aim at being anonymous and use a different email from your regular one.   

Tinder Reviews Vs. Complaints

The moderation used by Tinder has ensured it is a safe place to meet casually and interact with attractive singles. The swiping feature used by Tinder makes it easy to choose your match. You will also find it easy to create a profile, and you will be done in a few minutes. You can meet your matches quickly as Tinder is known to match people close to each other.  

Despite Tinder being reviewed as a reputable dating platform among its competitors, it has a fair share of complaints. There is a considerable number of fake accounts and duplicate profiles. These fake accounts limit interactions with real account holders. With the limited information given on the profile, one can fall into the trap of swiping based on looks only.

The majority of the complaints say Tinder lacks efficient customer support. This affects customers when they have problems and inquiries. Most clients complain of getting banned and never get an elaborate explanation as to the reason. They also cite they can’t access customer support to get the reason for being banned. 

How Much Can You Make Selling Feet Pics on Tinder

As a beginner, it is recommended to start with a low price. Starting small helps build a client base, and the prices can rise when you gain experience and more clients. Depending on your client, a feet pic can sell between $5 to $100. 

Since there’s no standard price when selling feet pics, the amount you can earn varies greatly. It also depends on the number of clients willing to purchase your product. In short, the more tinder clients you have, the more money to accumulate.

As a freelance gig, there is no cap on how much you can earn. Your creativity and marketing skills are the determinants of your success. Learn the trends in the market, and don’t overcharge, as your pics won’t sell. Charge extra for clients with specific demands, such as applying different oil to your feet. 

Tinder Subscription Plans

Tinder is free of charge, but you will need subscription plans to access premium or exclusive services. The following are the plans:

(i) Tinder Plus

For those who are 30 and below, tinder plus costs approximately $4.99/mo while individuals over 30 years pays a monthly fee of $7.99. This subscription removes advertisements and gives you the passport feature. You can see profiles from all over the world and get unlimited likes and rewinds.

(ii) Tinder Gold

This subscription gives you all the features available in plus. You get to see who likes you and five super likes weekly. You also get a list of recommended picks daily. It will cost you $14.99 monthly if you are younger than 30 and $24.99/mo if you are over 30 years.

(iii) Tinder Platinum

This plan gives you all the features of Plus and Gold. It also lets you message a person before matching. You also get to see all the likes you have sent in the past seven days. For users under 30 years, it generally costs $19.99 monthly while those with 30+ years are supposed to pay $29.99/mo.

Tips to Increase Your Tinder Feet Pics Earning

Just like any other business, you need to be a little bit smart to make more money on tinder. Your earnings will depend on numerous factors including marketing, photography skills, and creativity. Here are a few tips to increase your tinder feet pics earnings:

1. Take Different Photos

You must infuse your feet pics with creative poses to increase your earnings. Take poses from different angles and locations. This makes your clients excited, and you’ll not be considered boring.

2. Quality is the Key

Feet pics lovers are always looking for high-quality images. To woo them, you need to invest in a good camera or smartphone to take professional photos. You can also use free software to edit your photos and give them a quality touch.

3. Keep Your Feet Healthy

If you want to make money selling pictures of your feet, you must make sure they look good all year round. You can make this happen by preventing common foot problems such as infections and injuries.

4. Invest in Marketing

To increase your earnings, you need to market your feet business regularly. By doing so, you are likely to get more clients, which translates to more earnings. One way to market your feet pics business is by using social media networks like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

Tinder Feet Pics Reviews: The Bottom Line

These days, selling feet pics is one of the best ways to make money in your spare moment. While there are various platforms where you can sell pictures of your feet, Tinder stands out to be among the top sites for this kind of biz.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to start earning from Tinder. All you need is to take quality feet pics and upload them on your Tinder account. As a beginner, you should start with a low price and then increase your pricing once you build a large audience.

Taking quality shots and marketing are the determinants of your success as a tinder feet seller. And you don’t have to buy the normal camera for taking pics. With a smartphone, you can take high resolutions images and edit them to suit the buyers needs.

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